Instructions for Blackboard

Open Learner is able to export certain questions from its question bank to QTI 2.1 IMS packages that are able to imported into an Original format course at Blackboard. Blackboard only supports transfer of Multiple Choice, True / False, amd Fill in Blank (short answer) questions; so Drag and Drop H5P can not be imported into Blackboard.

If you would like to import H5P into a Blackboard course,

  1. Go to the question bank
  2. Click category tab and create a new empty category
  3. Click import tab, select H5P content  types, and upload the H5P file to the form to import the content type
  4. Click export tab and select QTI 2.1 IMS 1.2 as the format, and submit form
  5. Download the file
  6. Go to Blackboard course tools select Question pools
  7. Click plus and select Import QTI 2.1package
  8. Wait until questions are available as a question pool and then include them in your quizzes
Last modified: Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 11:21 AM